Raw Fleece

Although we sell our entire clip each year, we sometimes have raw fleece for sale in a variety of colors, lengths, and microns, suitable for hand-spinning, felting, and/or stuffing pillows and pet beds. Contact us to find out what we have available now.

Alpacas For Sale

We have a new crop of young pet boys this year — plus a few experienced adults to be “uncles” to the little ones — with a range of colors, fleece styles, and personalities. All our boys have had halter-training and come with a properly-fitted halter and lead, plus plenty of help and support if you’re a first-time owner (we remember what it was like!).

We would consider selling part-ownership in many of our studs.

We also have experienced breeding and a limited number of pet females for sale, at quite reasonable prices. Our new owner support covers the girls, too!

If you’re not seeing quite what you’re after, we have contacts with other breeders who’ll undoubtedly have what you’re looking for. Drop us a line!