Females for Sale

Well, it had to happen sooner or later – we’ve been at this long enough that it’s come time to move on some of our girls.

We are selling primarily experienced mothers, so we can tell you how good a mum they are, how much milk they make, and an idea of what sort of cria they can produce. We bought some of these females because we were (and still are) excited about the daughters and granddaughters they could produce. (Actually, in most cases, we have a daughter or granddaughter, which makes it a little easier to part with them…).

We believe in being straight up about the animals we sell. Drop us a line with any questions and we’ll spill everything we know about these gals. They come with their full medical and maintenance records — every drench and jab, body weights, any vet calls, etc. And as always, new owners/breeders get lots of support and hand-holding.

We also have boys for sale, as well as reasonably priced stud services.